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Radiation Therapy

This is your website to help guide you through the radiotherapy pathway, from your first visit, to the side effects you may experience, to what happens at the end of your radiotherapy treatment.

This website is designed and maintained by experienced cancer medical professionals, with the sole purpose to provide honest up to date information for you. No charity money has been used to create the site. All of our contributers give their time free of charge, to provide you with a great website that should answer all the questions you have regarding radiotherapy treatment. Our advice is primarily aimed at radiotherapy / radiation therapy patients, and is designed to complement and support the information given to you by your own medical team.

When looking into radiotherapy for the first time, the mass of information can be daunting. For this reason we have tried to keep the information as 'jargon free' as possible.

If you require any posters or advertising material for your radiotherapy department or information centre please drop us an e-mail. Any feedback on our website is of course greatly appreciated.

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