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Brain Tumour Research Campaign

The Brain Tumour Research Campaign (BTRC) was founded in 2004 by Wendy Fulcher following the death of her husband John from a malignant brain tumour, in collaboration with Mr Kevin O'Neill, Consultant Neurosurgeon at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and the Neursciences Division at Imperial College London .


Brain tumours affect children and adults alike, but research worldwide is under-funded and there is a great need for a better understanding of what causes them, how the brain reacts to them and how they behave - and an even greater need for better and more effective treatments.   In spite of the annual 2% increase in diagnoses, little is known about their cause or effective treatment. 
BTRC aims to raise public awareness of the urgent need for brain tumour research; to lead a fundraising campaign to support research into and treatment of brain tumours and to assist the emergence of the UK's first multi-disciplinary Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence, based at Charing Cross Hospital in London.  The first steps in this plan were the launch of the John Fulcher Molecular Neuro-oncology Laboratory in 2009, led by a post-doctoral Fellow, which is already yielding interesting results.