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Editor: Peter Wright Bsc (Hons) - Peter is a qualified therapy radiographer who gained his degree in therapeutic radiography in 1999 from Kingston University. He is a registered therapy radiographer in the UK, who has worked in numerous teaching hospitals in London. All articles are written by qualified health professionals and are then edited by Peter to ensure they adhere to MyRadiotherapy's mission of giving accurate, jargon free information about the radiotherapy experience. All the information contained in the articles is based on professional knowledge and years of experience in cancer.

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No charity money has been used to create this site. All article contributers do so free of charge because they are dedicated to ensuring cancer sufferers get accurate, jargon free information. The world wide web is full of scare stories and untruths about cancer treatment. The MyRadiotherapy team is committed to getting to the first pages of google, so patients and their family can read the reality about cancer treatment. The funding for this site comes from donations and adverts. The money goes towards the cost of hosting, advertisement, promotional material and protecting our copyright. Even a donation equivalent to the price of a small coffee a would help considerably!

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All contributors for the website are qualified health professionals working for the NHS. Many treat both Private and NHS patients.