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Numerous studies worldwide have shown that aloe vera is a general tonic for the immune system, helping it to fight illness of all kinds, as it contains many vitamins vital to the healthy function of all the body’s internal systems.


Aloe Vera is extremely useful in a gel form, and many cancer patients use this to help heal and soothe their skin from the sun burn type reaction caused by radiotherapy treatment.

The majority of
cancer patients who have diligently used an Aloe Vera gel throughout their radiotherapy treatment have experienced great relief as it helped to heal and calm their skin. Many specialist nurses and radiotherapists recommend its use, during and for a few weeks after radiotherapy treatment.


An Aloe Vera Plants leaf is filled with a liquid containing 96% water with the other 4% containing 75 known substances. Aloe Vera gel is a mild anesthetic, and helps to relieve itching, swelling, and pain. It is also antibacterial and antifungal, and works by increasing blood flow to wounded areas, and stimulates fibroblasts, the skin cells responsible for wound healing.

A study reported in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, found both oral and topical Aloe Vera preparations did speed wound healing. Test animals were given either Aloe Vera (100mg/kg body weight) in their drinking water for two months or 25% Aloe Vera gel applied directly to wounds for six days. The Aloe Vera was found to have had a positive effect in both cases, compared to the control test group that were given a placebo.

In another study reported in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, 27 patients with moderate burn wounds were treated with a gauze coated in either Aloe Vera gel or Vaseline (petroleum jelly). In the group treated with Aloe Vera the burns healed more quickly, and the study reported an average healing time of 12 days compared to 18 days for the control group using Vaseline alone.

At we would like to recommend for purchase the Aloe Vera Gels you can see in the links to your left. Both of these contain Aloe Vera which is 100% pure, and the gels are alcohol free meaning they will not dry out your skin further. We would recommend you applied the gels 2-3 times daily to your treatment area, in conjunction with a water based moiturising lotion such as Aqueous Cream.


cancer patients decide to take a daily dose of aloe vera juice to help boost their immune system. It contains important elements such as protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, B12 and E, essential fatty acids and is naturally rich in the following : -

Vitamin C = which helps maintain blood vessels and promotes good circulation and is essential to the health of the adrenal gland which supports our body in times of stress.

Amino Acids = which construct protein in our body.

Enzymes = which are essential to rejuvenate aged tissues and promote healthy skin.

Germanium = which is a mineral that some medical experts claim is of benefit in treating immunodeficiency, pain, cardiac disorders, circulatory disturbances and eye problems.

Aloe vera juice is said to be one of the finest body cleansers, the stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder, colon. Studies have shown that it is healing and soothing in the relief of indigestion, stomach distress and ulcers.
In 1997, Jeremiah Herlihy, Ph.D, a researcher from the University of San Antonio conducted a study to observe any negative effects of
drinking Aloe Vera Juice daily. However rather than the test animals exhibiting negative effects, those receiving daily Aloe showed a reduction in leukemia, heart and kidney disease. Dr. Herlihy concluded, "We found no indication of harm done to the rats even at high levels." In fact, the Aloe-drinking animals actually lived 25 percent longer than those in the control group (IASC Conference, Texas, 1997).

Cancer patients state that daily Aloe Vera juice seems to help reduce their symptoms of nausea, increase their energy levels, and may help to minimise low blood counts caused by their
cancer treatments.

Drinking two to four ounces of juice per day is all that is required to gain the maximum health benefits from the Aloe Vera. The juice shown in the link to the left contains only 100% pure organic Aloe Vera, so comes highly recommended. This juice can also be mixed with water or a fruit juice to make the taste more familiar. Aloe Vera extract is also available in tablet form, which some patients find more convenient. The link on the left is for an Aloe Vera tablet range which contains 100% Aloe Vera, and no additives for a high potency product. The tablet form enables you to gain all the benefits of the juice, in a handy once a day pill.

(Notes: If you are using oral corticosteroids, such as beclomethasone, methylprednisolone, or prednisone, it is important not to overuse or misuse Aloe Vera juice. A potassium deficiency can develop, and you may experience toxic effects from the medication.)

Reviewed: March 2015