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Radiotherapy is a localised treatment, so unlike treatments such as chemotherapy or hormone therapy it only causes side effects related to the specific area that is being treated. This means that only patients that are having radiotherapy treatment to their stomach, liver or intestines region may experience nausea (sickness). If you are likely to experience nausea your doctor will prescribe some anti-sickness (anti-emetic) medication for you. Some radiotherapy patients like to use natural alternatives either instead of, or in conjunction with those that have been prescribed for them. Below are some of the most commonly used natural anti-sickness remedies that you may find of benefit.


Ginger is commonly used in chinese medicine, to relieve nausea.

natural root ginger, can be used to make herbal tea, by steeping the ginger in boiled water. You can purchase ginger tea, already made up in tea bag form. Many of our patients have found much relief from mild nausea through using the organic tea bags shown in the link to the left of this page. Slowly sip the tea throughout the day, for maximum benefit.

For those of you with a sweeter tooth natural ginger can also be found in
crystalised forms, or contained inside ginger biscuits.

It is also possible to buy
ginger extract in capsule form, which many patients find easier and more convenient to take. The ones shown in the link to the left are particularly effective as they are time release, meaning they help to ease nausea symptoms throughout the day.

(Do not use ginger as an anti-sickness remedy if you are taking prescribed anti-coagulant drugs such as aspirin, as this could have an adverse effect on your medication.)


Many patients find that forms of peppermint and spearmint, can help to ease their symptoms of nausea. You can try sipping peppermint or spearmint tea throughout the day, or try using peppermint sweets or mints. Peppermint or spearmint essential oils, can also be of great benefit to some patients, but others have found the smell of the oils too strong. We have decided not to recommend any specific mint products, as these are widely available in most supermarkets, and our patients have not reported any marked differences between the brands.


Other natural remedies that some patients find beneficial include drinking Lemon Balm Tea, or small quantities of Chamomile tea, throughout the day. We have provided a link for the purchase of Lemon Balm Tea, if you choose to try this as an alternative, as it is not always widely available in supermarkets.

You may need to experiment to discover which natural remedy works best for you.

Reviewed: March 2015